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Odenza Marketing GroupOdenza Marketing group is the number one 
 incentive marketing solutions provider. At Odenza Marketing Group we work with select clients to help them develop an incentive package that will give them  a competitive edge in their market. Odenza Marketing Group has been helping companies improve sales and increase customer loyalty through incentive travel certificates since 1998. Odenza not only sells travel incentive packages, our award winning team also works closely with each business to ensure you have everything you need to make your promotion a success. View our new online travel incentives catalogue.

Your customers will also get the same attentive service when they book with our certified and experienced travel agents, who work in-house to guarantee efficient response and communication. You may think that a travel incentive program is outside of your budget, but by leveraging our network of partnerships with major airlines, cruise lines, hotels and resorts worldwide, we are able to find a package that fits your budget.

Why Odenza Marketing Group’s Travel Incentives Work:

People love to travel and share the experiences they have while traveling.  At Odenza Marketing Group, our goal is to find the right incentive package that will be attractive to your customers, an incentive program that will help you generate higher revenue and increase repeat sales! You can view our full catalogue of certificates to see just how diverse our travel incentive plans are: online travel incentive catalogue

The incentive travel plans we offer can help you boost your sales today by providing travel certificates to customers if they make select purchases. Travel incentives are also ideal for marketing campaigns; very few awards can get people excited like the idea of a week on the beach in the Caribbean islands. Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, at Odenza Marketing Group we can create a package that will help  achieve better results for your sales and marketing campaigns.  It has been proven that free vacations and travel certificates prompt customers to take action and Odenza Marketing Group can create the most affordable, tailored travel certificates in the industry.

Odenza Marketing Groups incentive travel programs are designed to accomplish two key goals that any business or marketing director focuses on daily: increasing sales and improving customer loyalty. Once you have the right package in place,  our travel agents will work hard to ensure your customers enjoy their vacation, return home happy, and refer your business to others.

Odenza Marketing Group Products and Services:

Odenza has an extremely large network of partnerships, giving us the ability to provide a large number of options for travel certificates ranging from roundtrip airfare, hotel nights, exotic resort stays ,  cruises and theme park getaways.  Sounds expensive, right? But because of Odenza Marketing Group’s direct partnerships with major cruise lines, airlines, resorts and hotels  globally, we can bring you the most affordablepackages in the industry, a package to fit nearly any budget.

We let your customers choose exactly what they want in their vacation, and with one phone call, we are able to line up everything from additional  hotel nights to airfares, free entertainment passes, and car rentals. Everything that your customer needs to have a great vacation,and come back sharing their experience.

Odenza Marketing Group’s Awards and Recognitions:

Odenza Marketing Group has received the Carnival Cruise Lines’ “Pinnacle Club” award three times. The Pinnacle Club award is rewarded for showing exceptional creativity in sales and marketing techniques. Odenza Marketing Group is also a member of the New Car Dealers Association, International Promotional Products Association and the American Resort Development Association.


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