5 Branding Techniques to help your business take off.

Branding involves a great deal of trial and error and what works for one business may not work for another. It all boils down to understanding what works for your audience and serving it to them in a way that grabs their attention.


Smaller companies may not have the budget of a large corporation, and in turn, may not have enough to invest in their marketing efforts. However, that should never be a road block. Sometimes the most successful ideas are the most simplest ideas, and these may not cost you an arm and a leg but they do require some creativity.


Below are 5 Unique Approaches that will help your business take off.


1. Viral Videos


Of course, this may not be the easiest task to undertake, but one viral video can create an incredible opportunity for your brand. Remember to make your company name and logo clearly visible.  Create a video that answers a question for your audience. You can be funny, sad, serious, or entertaining to make the video your own, but appeal to your target audience.  See our blog “Why every business needs video marketing”  < https://odenza.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/why-every-business-needs-video-marketing/>


2. Create a Cross Promotion with another company.


Event planners do this all the time with caterers, florists, or other vendors, and you can do it with a business that complements yours. It is a great way to support other business owners you’re networked with while you grow your brand.  Allowing another business owner to understand the work that you do can be a great way to bring in referrals.


3. Sponsorships


Being a sponsor can entail more than just sponsoring local events. For example, The D (a Las Vegas-based hotel and casino) and CDA Media Relations have partnered together in a fun and catchy way. The D’s brand was plastered all over Fremont Street during the Tastes and Sounds of Soul Festival in exchange for providing a stage and music entertainment. Because of this, their brand was featured in all media coverage, offering them a larger audience that they would have never have reached otherwise.


Consider contacting larger organizations and learning about sponsorship opportunities. A great way to make a difference in your community while you grow is to consider sponsoring non-profits. You can feel great about the difference you are making, while growing your brand.


4. Contests


Contests are a great way to get your community involved while expanding your reach because they usually involve sharing. One thing to consider is that there is no point in putting your energy into launching a contest on a large scale if the prize is not worth it.  Platforms like Facebook and Instagram make photo contests easy to launch and share. There are also Video contests available to.


Take the time to plan a great contest, offer a great prize, and share as much as possible within your community of customers. You can even partner up with suppliers or other organizations to expand your reach and offer multiple prizes.



5. Start a Blog


A blog is the best way to create content on a regular basis and to grow your brand and following online. Allow your audience to find you online and stay informed. Remember to make the content informative, easy to understand, and even unique, by including videos, infographics, charts, and graphs.  Submit content regularly, and submit relevant content. Remember to leave a link back to your website.  Check out our Travelers Blog here:  https://odenzavacations.wordpress.com


There are many ways to build your brand — and not all of them require spending a lot of money. Utilize these unique branding techniques to build up your brand without breaking the bank.


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