Andrew Peller’s Free Companion Cruise Program with Odenza


Andrew Peller’s Wines

The Andrew Peller Limited (Ltd.) winery is an established brand that has become a household name in the past few decades. The institution was founded by Andrew Pellar, a Hungarian who immigrated to Canada in 1927. When he first arrived, he had hopes and dreams of one day establishing a winery that would instill an appreciation for wine in Canada, like there was, and still is, in Europe. After a lot of hard work, his dream came true when he opened Andres Wines Ltd. in 1962, which is still one of the oldest wineries in Canada to date. Today, the company is known as Andrew Peller Ltd. and is an award-winning winery with a vast number of brands to its name – Peller Estates, Trius, Hillebrand, Thirty Bench, Sandhill, Copper Moon, Calona Vineyards Artist Series VQA wines and Red Rooster.

Offering Travel Incentives

A company that’s been around for decades understands how important advertising, marketing, and finding fresh new ways to stand out from the competition is. It’s not enough to have a great product, you have to know how to effectively market it as well.

One great promotional idea is to offer your customers a complimentary travel incentive. Travel incentives work wonderfully as grand prizes in contests and draws. They increase profit by creating excitement and giving your customers that little extra push they need to buy your product. After all, everyone loves to go on vacation, and what could be better than a complimentary one?

However, planning a travel incentive can be very challenging as after the prize is given, you want to make sure that the customer’s experience in planning the trip is easy and stress-free. Think how much planning you have to do for your own vacations. Can you imagine doing that for each one of your customers? Fortunately, there are outsourcing options, like Odenza.

Implementing the Winery Promotion with Odenza

Andrew Peller Ltd. was so impressed with Odenza’s dedication in planning their promotion that they gave them a perfect, 10/10, satisfaction score.

The purpose of the winery promotion, known as the “Free Companion Cruise Program,” was to generate excitement for the winery’s new 1L product. This was accomplished by featuring complimentary travel certificates on each one of the bottles during the winery promotion, so customers received a cruise certificate when they purchased that particular bottle of wine. The promotion was offered all throughout Western Canada and the results of the winery promotion exceeded the company’s expectations.

Not only did wine bottles fly off the shelves during the winery promotion, but the winery marketing strategy also contributed to the increase of profits for their fiscal year. Between 2006 and 2007, the company awarded 30 in-store prizes to its employees and gave away 24,000 packages to its customers.

So, not only did the winery promotion increase sales with the company’s customers, but it also motivated employees to sell the product. Another great way is to award the employee that generated the highest sales during the winery promotion with the incentive. This way, they’re motivated to win and push the winery promotion. The company owes much of their success to Odenza.

Why Odenza?

If you’re not yet convinced that Odenza is the company to invest in, consider this; our sales department has received the Carnival Cruise Lines’ Pinnacle Club Award three times and our marketing department has received the prestigious Gallery of Superb Printing Award, also three times. Also, according to a recent study conducted by Concordia University, we’re the best travel incentives company around.

Odenza helped Andrew Peller wines generate revenue, so why couldn’t we help your business? You don’t have to be a big company like Andrew Peller Ltd. to hire Odenza. Odenza’s marketing team has many travel certificate options to choose from, so you can pick the right one for you and your customers. We also give you free marketing materials for your promotion and offer support with the promoting of the special event. Additionally, we offer copyrighting services so you have complete ownership of the work completed.

Finally, we employ experienced, in-house travel agents to ensure your customers have an easy trip-planning experience and a wonderful vacation.

So why not choose Odenza to help you out? Planning a travel incentive promotion with Odenza is easy, and it offers your customers that little extra push they need to invest. Andrew Peller Ltd can attest to this because of their special winery promotion. Outsourcing takes a lot of the stress off your hands, allowing you to focus on what’s important; your business and its profit.

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