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We all would like to travel to new countries, but traveling can be expensive and overall a time consuming process. In the current economy with unemployment rates so high, many usual travelers defer from their usual travel agendas. The travel industry seems to quickly be losing business.  But with the economy being so slow, traveling on a budget seems to be the best option for those seeking an affordable vacation.

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Follow these tips to travel the cheapest way possible.

According to NPR, here are a few key tips for traveling on a budget:

Research like an expert. Make sure you do your research when planning a trip. The more prepared you are, the better in terms of saving dollars. Start your research online by looking up your destination and knowing exactly where you’ll be going. You need to start searching early for places to stay and popular tourist attractions. You want to make yourself an expert on the places you’ll be visiting so that you’ll know about the cheapest options and the local hotspots.  Also, look through travel books and guides in case the books include information that you cannot find online. Another way to find out about your destination is by contacting bloggers who are local to the area.

Make sure you check out the local transportation options and how much they cost. Choose the cheapest travel methods like public transportation.

Plan to spend more.  Spend time budgeting for your trip, but realize ahead of time that you will most likely need more money than what you are expecting. Understandably, you want to travel on the least amount of money as possible, but running out of funds on a trip is risky and can put you in a dangerous position.

Follow the deals. There might be a certain trip you are determined to take, but it’s better to choose a trip based on when traveling is cheapest. Consider, visiting your favorite spot during the off-season. This way you’ll avoid crowds while also saving money. For example, don’t choose to go skiing over Christmas break because prices to travel to ski destinations will be incredibly high. Do research on the least expensive places to visit, and adjust your travel plans based around what’s the most cost efficient.

Follow these tips to plan a vacation that is both affordable and fun!


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