Create a Successful Promotion in 6 Steps!

Step 1. Develop A Promotion Calendar

Plan out your promotion for the next three months, and have this calendar in a place where the whole team can see it. This ensures that everyone’s on the same page, and if someone wants to change something, they can do so well in advance and get feedback from the team.

Step 2. Timing is Everything

Sometimes your best promotion ideas fail simply because they were held on the wrong day or the wrong month. Evaluate your best promotional days and months that drive the most traffic to your store. The key is to plan and leave nothing to chance. The more you plan out the details and systemize your events, the easier and more successful they will be.

Step 3. Develop Your Strategic Plan

Ideally, retail stores should be running a MINIMUM of two to four BIG promotions per year. This is easy when there is a strategic plan in place to keep reminding customers to come back to your store. Creating excitement and keeping things fresh can ensure repeat business!

Step 4. Involve Your Team

Ask your staff to share their creative ideas and set sales goals for each promotion. Offer a bonus reward to each salesperson who reaches their goals. Plan to have enough staff on hand to make the event run effectively.

Step 5. Reserve and Design Advertising

Plan your advertising well in advance. This will help build excitement for the event. Create a call to ACTION. Tell your customers WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY. Offer short deadlines, and powerful offers.

Step 6. Create Attention Grabbing Marketing Collateral

Invest time to write a GREAT headline that is BENEFIT RICH. You must HOOK their attention quickly before your direct mail gets trashed, or your email gets deleted. Make your offer and event so exciting that it triggers a FEAR OF LOSS in the customer’s mind. Keep it simple! Too much content will discourage your audience to read through the collateral.

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