Going on Vacation? Power Down the Phone

Turn off the Phone

One of the keys to enjoying a relaxing vacation is to disconnect.

Everyone knows that it can be difficult to get time off for vacation.  Add in the amount of planning and the cost and it can be a real headache.  Once you do get a vacation on the books, you probably won’t truly be at ease until you’re sitting on a Caribbean beach watching the tide come in.

That’s why the worst thing you can do for a relaxing vacation is stay connected to the things you’re taking a vacation from.  Here are a few tips on how to enjoy an offline vacation.

Don’t Worry About the Next Charge

In the working world, most professionals need to be connected constantly.  That leads to stress about battery life while on the go.  The first thing you should do on vacation is stop stressing about your phone’s life and recharge your own batteries instead.

Plan Accordingly

The easiest way to stay disconnected without stress is to plan ahead.  Make sure all of your pressing tasks at work are either complete or in able hands.  Also make sure to explain to coworkers and friends that you will not be available for the duration of your vacation.  This will reduce stress that someone is trying to reach you.

Bring a Good Old Fashioned Book

Even though it’s easier than ever to read from a tablet or smartphone, having a book in your hands will keep you focused.  You won’t have the temptation to close out and update your status or check Instrgram.

Have a Debate

You probably remember having endless arguments before the dawn of Google.  Squabbling with friends over what actor was in what film is a lost art destroyed by instant gratification of the internet.  Actually taking the time to think about a question until it comes to you is rewarding and is good exercise for your mind.  Give it a try.

These are just a few tips for enjoying your low tech vacation from Odenza Marketing Group.

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