How to Pick the Best Travel Incentive Company

The allure of travel certificates works for both management and their customers – we know! The real question is where best to spend your resources to maximize employee motivation and promotions impact. Odenza’s business credibility and success answers the following key questions.

Do they have a record of success?
Look for convincing case histories – the business cases used are always signed off by the previous client, otherwise the claims could be could be deemed to be libelous

Do they demonstrate that they understand the client’s business needs?
Look for the business solution provider who asks ‘you’ questions before pitching their ideas. Could they really be your on-going consultants? Do they help you define your motivation and performance improvements needs? Do they approach your needs beyond merely offering to sell you their product?

Do the Travel Incentive products really offer you a solution?
Travel is a fabulously flexible product and customization of travel certificates that will deliver against your business objectives, is easy. Travel incentive companies that really want to deliver results and deserve a long-term relationship with you, will offer solutions that meet your needs!

Is your supplier a full-service agency?
You need to know that when you invest your hard-earned dollars and attach your good business name to the promotion, that your customers will have a totally satisfactory experience. Loyal customers are precious and a powerful word-of-mouth source – what they say affects your future business. The more vertically integrated your supplier, the less opportunity for things to go wrong. Odenza is a full-service incentive agency – from concept, through operations, including client education and communications. We design, deliver and fulfill our own products. We do NOT 3rd party the travel experience. We know all about the ‘vacation dream’ that your customer wants.

Are their promotions easy to use?
Time is money. Timing is critical to achieving your performance improvement objectives. Once you are committed, the efficiency with which you execute is really dependant on the travel incentive company you choose. Odenza is committed to helping you implement your travel incentive program with ease and speed. At Odenza, all our promotions are either pre-packaged or can be customized to enhance your brand equity. Our travel certificates are user friendly, and our POP materials have been market tested and are in constant demand. We will assist with the development of communications plans, both internally with your employees and with the client’s agency. Our marketing department conducts on-going promotions research to evaluate, to improve, to innovate.

Would you use them again?
At Odenza we know the value of relationships – they are the engine of success. Our focus is on building your business, NOT short-term shots at random objectives. We take the time to uncover your needs and find solutions. We offer a bundle of travel incnentive solutions and stand-alone programs to target different points in your business, to address your different improvement objectives. Like you, we know what it costs to gain a new customer and how loyalty impacts the bottom line!

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