Where To Begin With Travel Incentives

Providing travel incentives for company employees is an indisputably positive way to boost company morale and keep employees motivated. Employees work harder when an all-expenses paid vacation is up for grabs, and they typically enjoy working more when they know their company will offer them such a massive reward in return for their loyalty and dedication. Most employees want to know that they are simply appreciated and that the company they work for values their long hours and hard work.  Therefore, travel incentives for companies are in demand and knowing how to sell them is one way to make a profit and make employees happy.

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What do you need to know about starting out in the travel incentive market?

So, the job of an incentive planner is to create unique experiences for companies and their staff.  To master selling travel incentive business, a company needs to properly train old staff to sell or hire new staff.  The travel incentive market can be tricky since you aren’t simply dealing with one client or even usually a small group of people. A travel incentive planner must get to know the company they are creating a trip for. How does the company and its employees function together and what motivates them? Your staff needs special training in order to deal with different companies’ expectations.

You’ve trained your staff to understand the ins and outs of travel incentives, now where will you find clients to work with? It’s easy to look at who you already know first.  If you have clients that are CEOs of company, then great, start there.  These clients might be open to building a travel incentive program with you for their company since they’ve worked with you before. Once you’ve successfully planned an incentive travel program with him or her, try to find new clients through their contacts.  If you do a good job for their company, they will be more likely to refer you to another CEO.

Once you’ve connected with your client, you must get to know the employees that work for their company.  In order to plan a successful program, you need to create a trip that appeals to the employee and their significant other.  Both husband and wife must be attracted to the incentive because one spouse will sway the other in most cases.

Starting out in the travel incentive market can be tough, but also rewarding if the necessary steps to understanding your companies needs and goals are in place from the beginning.

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