The Guide To Traveling Healthy

Falling into the unhealthy diet trap happens to just about  everyone when they go on vacation. We do our best to choose the healthy options,  but sometimes vacationing gets the best of us and our diets. At home, our daily work and school schedules do a better job of keeping us on track, but once we take a break from our everyday lives, we loosen our attitude on food and more literally we loosen our belts.


Sticking to a healthy diet while traveling is difficult but not impossible.

Before you take off work to travel, have a plan in place to combat those urges to indulge in every food item you’ve given up for the last 6 months. Follow some of these tips and you’ll find it much easier to stick to healthy eating habits.

Start with the flight. Airports are notorious for being jammed pack with fast food and unhealthy meal options. Don’t begin your trip by giving into these temptations. Pack your own meal (think nuts, protein bars and fruit) and don’t avoid the hamburger joint in terminal B. Starting your vacation off healthy in the airport will set a precedent for the remainder of the trip.

Stick to water. Fluids in particular are an important factor in diet and weight control. Restrict your soda and alcohol intake. Not only will fluids help control your food urges, but will minimize your jet lag.

Don’t ignore breakfast. Start your day off with a healthy meal that is full in nourishment to give you energy.  Often, when people diet they think skipping breakfast is a good plan to lose a few extra pounds. This is not only untrue, but this way of thinking and dieting will only be detrimental to your health. Eat breakfast. Make it your biggest meal and taper off throughout the remainder of the day.

Keep extra snacks in your hotel room. Avoid ordering room service or venturing to restaurants for a quick bite because it’s convenient will only mess up your entire diet.  Be consistent with your eating habits and it will be easier not to over indulge.

Cut yourself a break. Being completely healthy on vacation is nearly impossible, so go ahead and have a slice of cake or a beer if you must. Don’t be mad at yourself if you slip up a few times. It’s a vacation for a reason, so enjoy it and don’t obsess over being perfectly healthy!

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