Increase Customer Traffic on Slow Nights!



I’m sure you’ve noticed that traffic picks up most on sports nights.  Why not get that type of excitement every night?


By having a draw for free sports tickets, pick up slow nights and get more people in the door and spending money.


Our VIP Ticket package gives each recipient two tickets to an event of their choice – NFL, NBA, Major Concerts, Broadway shows – the choice is theirs. Over 3000 events to choose from every day. Our inventory is updated live and you can get access to whatever is happening NOW in your area (or a city of your choice).


Here’s what you’ll get:

30 VIP Certificates (30 pairs of tickets) – Value of tickets is up to $200 per pair.

FREE Coasters
FREE Table Displays

FREE Posters, Balloons, and Wearable Stickers.


Cost to you is only $49 per package!


To see the live inventory of tickets and see what events are available, call 1-866-883-2968 to receive a FREE sample package.


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