Is customer service a competitive advantage?

Every month we talk to hundreds of businesses about their competitive advantage. And when we ask the question “what makes your business stand out”, or “what makes you better than your competition” The most common answer we hear to these questions is some variation of the best customer service.  What is funny or unfortunate depending on your perspective, is that when we phone your competitors and ask them the same question they tell us the same thing.

It’s not wrong to drive customer service as a competitive advantage, what’s wrong is the difficulty for the consumer to be able to distinguish your best in customer service claim over the best in customer service claim of your competitor.

Customer service is very important and highly critical to the people that already do business with you. But trying to turn customer service into an advantageous claim for a prospect that’s never done business with you is futile.

A competitive advantage only works when it is tangible in the eyes of your prospect. Your prospect has to be able to see it and feel it and visualize the positive impact on them in order for you to turn your competitive advantage into a sale.

The best thing for you to do is map your competitive advantages by asking customers why they did business with you. Narrow it down to the top 3 to 5 and focus your marketing and sales on those advantages.

While you direct your sales and marketing efforts into the competitive advantages you identified, you can increase the power by selecting specific tangible and high-value incentives to add extra value.

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