Jewelry store finds success in using Odenza’s travel incentives


Why Offer Travel Incentives?

We all love to go on vacation. It’s an opportunity to not only see a new place but to get away from the stress of work and simply relax. However, factors like time and money can sometimes make it tough to get away, so can you imagine if you got a free trip just for buying something? That’s what travel incentives are. They allow business owners to reward their customers for choosing their business over the competition.

Not only do travel incentives reward a business’s customers, they also reward the business; travel incentives are a proven successful marketing strategy. When you reward your customers with a vacation that will generate fond memories with loved ones, which they’ll not only remember for years to come, but also be reminded of how they got there in the first place. Many businesses are offering travel incentives to not only increase their profit, but their customer’s satisfaction as well. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for everyone.

A Jewelry Store Promotion that made a Difference

Chalmers Jewelers, a jewelry store in Middleton, Wisconsin, needed an original jewelry store marketing strategy. General Manager, Jon Bumann, believed that travel incentives would be a new, different, and creative jewelry store promotion. So, Bumann and his account executive hired Odenza to come up with a marketing plan that fit their budget. The store offered customers who spent $1,800.00 or more a complimentary trip for two to Las Vegas. The jewelry store promotion, advertised on the radio, was to run for two months.

In those two months, the promotion led to 100 Vegas trips given out. The profits were so amazing that the store kept the promotion going for another month and gave away another 100 trips. Altogether, that’s 200 sales priced at over $1,800.00. The jewelry store promotion motivated customers to spend more money, rewarded them for it, and resulted in a greater profit for the store.

Why Odenza?

But how can companies afford this? Isn’t it expensive? The answer is it’s not as expensive as you might think. Odenza offers a number of vacation packages so you can choose the right one that fits your budget. We also work with you every step of the way so you have advice on which package would best fit your customers. You can also call for a free sample to see if our options are what you’re looking for.

Working with Odenza was beneficial for Chalmers Jewelers because of the jewelry store promotion they offered for three months. Numbers don’t lie and the rewards were so beneficial that they extended their promotion running time. Bumann has stated that he’d do the promotion again because it was such a success.

So why wouldn’t this work for your company? We work with all types of businesses, not just jewelry stores. We’re with you every step of the way, whether you want to come up with a jewelry store marketing strategy, or if you have another kind of business plan.

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