Making Email Marketing Work for Travel

Your audience’s empathy is a strong marketing tool. If you can get your audience to feel what you feel, you can get them to think like you think. You can get them to buy what you want.

Empathy simply means being able to see the perspective of others. Ideally, you should make your audience clearly imagine using your product, like your other customers have, so that they’ll want to buy it.  One tool to elicit this feeling in potential customers is email marketing.  Pure 360 has some tips on how to best utilize it, but here are a few of the highlights.

Just as a concrete example, let’s assume you’re in charge of email marketing related to travel. Here are some tricks that would help your audience imagine those vacation plans:

Harness aspiration in your tone. Try to evince the optimism of going away that your target audience probably has.

Use pictures. With pictures, potential customers can envision how their vacation would be. By giving them an image of how others would enjoy themselves, it’ll be easier for them to imagine the experience themselves.

Segment your email list. The vacation plan you want to send to twenty year olds could be a nightmare for old folks. Having a lack of perspective for the people you’re talking to will result in them unsubscribing rather than visualizing.

Understand that people are busy. Don’t be too time specific. You can say a special event is going on somewhere at sometime, but be sure to mention how nice that somewhere is all the time. If your audience feels you’re considerate about their situation (even if it’s just slightly), they’ll be more willing to listen to your offer.

Try to imagine what feature of a vacation would intrigue potential travelers the most. Put that feature into the subject line.

Be honest. Don’t muddle facts about the destination. Vacations are a big expense, and your customers will do their research. You don’t want the image you gave them to be questioned.

Use the personal experience of previous customers so your readers can have realistic expectations. Your future customers will have the strongest sense of empathy for your past customers.

If you can understand your audience’s perspective, you can figure out how to make them have the perspective of the people using your product.

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