Marketing Strategies For Attracting Holiday Vacationers

You’ve seen the lights covering the roof of your neighbors house next door or smelled the fresh pumpkin bread at the local bakery down the street. It’s that time of year again. The holiday season means more marketing opportunities than ever for most brands, because vacationers and tourists are searching for excuses to splurge on gifts for family, friends, or even for themselves. With that being said, don’t sit on your hands and wait too many weeks to arrange your company’s marketing strategies for this holiday season. November and December will be over before you know it, and once the holidays end you’ve missed out on prime opportunities to sell your brand to new buyers.

Marketing and Strategy

Adjust your marketing strategies for upcoming  holiday season.

Make your brand visible. The first tip is obviously to reach out to people who don’t know about you or your company’s brand. During the holidays, people rush from store to store in a frenzy of excitement, discovering new items and brands they never knew existed. If you want shoppers to buy your product, you need to make sure it’s accessible and that information about is isn’t scarce. You want your brand to be visible, so that word spreads about it quickly from one consumer to another.

Tailor your brand for your buyer. Make sure the way you market your brand works for different age groups, people from different locations, and people with diverse backgrounds. Your brand isn’t a one size fits all pair of shoes, so neither should your marketing strategy be entirely uniform. The key is to adjust your marketing techniques based on who you want to sell to.  You won’t use the same methods to sell your brand to older buyers versus teenagers.

Mix it up. Excite new and old customers about your brand.  Add special offers that are strictly for the holiday season. Include date ranges and time limits to push buyers to snatch up your brand. Shoppers needs to feel pressure to buy your product before it slips through their fingers. Promote limited time offers on social media sites and your website.  Start a countdown on your site to really push people to buy before time runs out!

Use social media and emailing.  For more advice on holiday email marketing check out’s 7 Tips for Successful Holiday Marketing Campaigns. Reach out to new and established customers via email marketing and your online social networks. Only email established customers or people who have shown interest in receiving emails from you about your products or brand.  Whatever you do, don’t overdo the emails. The last thing you want is to bug your potential customers with a crowded inbox full of emails from your company. Happy holiday marketing!

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