Private Sales: Incentive Marketing

Odenza Marketing says to try and make private sales events fun and authentic affairs.

Odenza Marketing says to try and make private sales events fun and authentic affairs.

Private sales create an opportunity to express gratitude to past customers for their patronage.  A good way to go about organizing a private sales event is to send out a personlized message through the mail.  Invite customers to an exclusive, invitation only event to make them feel that they are valued.  This will increase customer loyalty and as an added bonus, you can offer a complimentary vacation if the customer chooses to make a purchase during this time.  Odenza can help give your store the feel of a VIP event.

You don’t have to take our word for it.  Here is just a small sample of testimonials from our satisfied clients who have run a private sales event:

“I was most happy with our ladies’ night event. We offered appetizers and punch, and anyone who made a “wish list” would get entered into a draw for one of the trips. We then sent these wish lists to their significant other just in time for Christmas! Our average sale increased from $1000.00 to $1500.00.”
Jeremy K., Owner of Expressions Jewellery Ltd.

“I’ve done many events before, but this one-day private sale was definitely one of our better campaigns. We sent out invitations so that people knew if they purchased they would receive a trip, and also that we were having a draw for one of the trips. Some of them brought their friends, so we had a great turnout. There were 238 families, so about 500 or more people.”
Keith D., General Manager of Denham Chrysler

Not only do private sales events give you an opportunity to throw an exclusive and fun event, they also give you a chance to connect on a more personal level with your customers.  It can take some of the pressure off your sales force and encourage them to create meaningful relationships with your client base.  Private sales events can be enjoyable experiences that also increase revenue for your business.

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