The Keys to Good Content Marketing

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Telling a great story through content marketing is essential in the travel industry.

With the prevalence of digital media, to get noticed, it is now vital to create content. I’m sorry, scratch that. It’s vital to create GOOD content.  How do you go about creating good content?  Forbes says make sure you set goals and have a defined vision for the content you are creating.  Here are a few other helpful tips to guide your content marketing strategy.

Don’t write for for the sake of writing. Whatever you write, be sure there is a clear focus. It has to be something the reader remembers, preferably something that changes the way the reader thinks or acts. As with the physical world, strangers will only listen to you if you have something valuable to say.

If you’re trying to brand a business, here are some reasons why writing good content is vital:

Brand Awareness: If you write content showing a lot of expertise, the reader will inevitably ask: who wrote this? Good content creation gives your company notability.

Brand Loyalty: If customers read company content consistently, they’ll love the company on a psychological level; based on the constant exposure and the association with entertaining content. Good content creation makes your company likable.

Customer Education: If customers feel smarter or more-informed because of your company, they’ll feel better equipped to make good decisions. They’re more likely to be happy customers. Also, if you can educate your customers about your product, they’re less likely to overwork your customer service team.

Customer Engagement: Responding to questions and comments from customers will humanize your company. Your company will suddenly have an opinion, an expertise and a personality. If your customers see your company as people rather than as a brand, they’ll be more attracted to it.

Talent Recruitment: If people get a sense of your company’s personality and vision, they’ll have a better idea if they would make a good employee.

Remember the content has to be good. Anything less will come off as a incompetent, self-promoting company desperate to spam.

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