The Perks of Unlimited Vacation Days?

As we near the holiday season next week, we all agree the idea of our companies offering unlimited vacation days would be a major plus. Not to mention these are paid vacation days. Unlimited, paid days off from work? Unheard of, right? According to a recent Fox Small Business News, some companies are attracting new, young talent to their teams by allowing employees to take as many paid days off as they want.


Companies offering unlimited, pad vacation time can be beneficial or dangerous.

For larger companies, this might work fine, but for smaller businesses, like start-ups for instance, this system arguably might not be feasible. Small companies cannot afford to lose half of their employees for most of the year, but for big companies unlimited vacation days could be a major perk.

An expert on labor, Christina Gomez, disagrees on the idea that smaller companies cannot implement unlimited vacation day policies. In Gomez’s opinion, any size company can use this flexible type of vacation day system. Employees working for smaller companies might need to be in the office everyday. For instance, workers at some start-ups can work from home or off-site. This type of work environment allows for more flexibility with work schedules since being inside the office isn’t absolutely necessary. Gomez emphasizes that determining whether the unlimited vacation day policy works depends on the company’s “culture” and the “nature of work” being done rather than the size of the company.

Gomez explains some of the key benefits of allowing such a loose vacation policy:

The policy boosts morale.  If a company allows employees such leniency concerning vacation time, then they will most likely respect and express loyalty to the company.  The employees will feel as though their company trusts them to get their work done at the office or on their own time.

The policy is a cheap perk.   Allowing unlimited vacation time will possibly motivate employees to become more efficient while at work. Therefore, the company saves money.

The policy helps companies find passionate employees. Hardworking and passionate employees won’t take advantage of the policy.

Companies need to consider the upsides and downsides of implementing this type of flexible vacation time policy. Companies might benefit from allowing their employees to pick and choose vacation time; on the other hand, this might led to a disorganized business structure and overall sense of laziness.

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