Now Is The Best Time To Vacation

So you’ve reached the end of 2013 and you still have a slew of untouched vacation days, right? Well, instead of forgetting they exist or pushing them aside for 2014, you should reconsider and make plans to use them now. Not in February of 2014. Or never. Use them now!

In a recent Forbes article, a chief executive and chairman, Jim Moffatt, discusses the necessity of using those saved up vacation days before the new year rolls around, even if you only take a 100 hour vacation in doing so. Moffatt encourages employees to combine their vacation days with the weekend, so that if they are stressed about missing out on the entire work week, they’ll only lose a few days away from the office. Managers need to push their employees to use some of those vacation days so they don’t get burned out in the office. Don’t let your employees anchor themselves to their desks the entire year without a decent break. It’s the responsibility of managers to ensure their workers maintain a healthy balance between working and taking time off.


Short vacations close to home might do the trick to alleviate office stress.

Moffatt recommends not only taking a break from the hectic office atmosphere, but also taking a break from emails while on vacation. While on vacation, you should be thinking about more long-term goals and ideas. If you’re burned out from the office, you might just be strictly accomplishing short term goals and immediate tasks.  Everyone needs time to reflect and feel refreshed for their future, long-term ideas and projects.

Pick Somewhere Close. If vacationing faraway from the office will inevitably bring on anxiety, then choose to visit somewhere close to where you live and work. What’s the point of going on vacation if you’ll be anxious during the entire trip? You don’t need to go camping in your backyard, but it may help to only venture a town or two over.  That way if there is a work emergency, you can get back quickly.

Don’t Over Plan. The last thing you want is to spend time planning a vacation while you have a million other work projects to worry about.  Simplify your vacation plans and or use a travel agent.

Take An Email Vacation. Even if you don’t check your emails for one day, make sure you at least take some time away from work concerns. Turn your cell off if you have to. You’re finally on vacation, even if it’s a short one, so start acting like it.

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