Vacations – great incentives that will help you gain more profit

Many people look to a vacation as the best way to unwind and relax, but a lot of times the one thing that’s stopping them is their budget. Let’s face it, budget is something that is a daily concern for the most of us. That is why Odenza offers travel incentives that work for your business at a price that will fit your budget, and we travel your customers at a price that will fit their budget. As we know the importance of your needs, we provide our clients with great incentives for every travel destination.

Travel incentives can benefit your business in a number of ways. Whether it’s retaining your existing customers or getting new business, the offer of a complimentary travel voucher or sports or concert tickets is bound to get you some attention and close more deals.
In addition, you can use travel incentives to reward your employees for a job well done.

Ways to get your incentives program noticed:

o In today’s world, promotions are no longer considered as extended tools for marketing. They give your marketing the power and the kind of energy that is required. Put simply, they drive your business. What do promotions do? They give the impression of a reward. It gives your company the edge above others that can help elevate your business.

Weekend Sales:
o The best way to create a sense of urgency. Offer your customers the option of a weekend sale or a special event as a token of appreciation for visiting you. Saying “Thank You” with a weekend sales promotion will hype up your sales and grab the attention of more customers.

Closing Tools:
o The most difficult part is to get the signature of the customer on the application. If required, you need to show some extra options to get hold of the customers. “Buy our products for $1,000 and get a trip for 2 to Miami for a week.” These kinds of extra initiatives will engage your customers in showing more interest in your promotion.

o The referral incentive program is a platform to encourage potential current customer to refer new customers.

Private Sales:
o Provide the option of private sales to your customers. Make them feel special by sending an invitation to their mailbox and terming it as “Special Invitation”. Create a welcoming atmosphere by providing them with snacks and drinks. Offer them a gift with purchase that includes roundtrip airfare for two people plus hotel stay.

Loyalty Programs:
o Customers who keep coming back to buy from you are the best kind to have, but they may have not necessarily been there to take advantage of special promo offers when they were happening. Start a loyalty program and grab their attention with great travel or ticket offers and imagine the circulation that they provide.

Social Media:
o Provide your customers an environment which is personal rather than business oriented. Social Media such as Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media helps you get involved with the customers on a personal perspective, which sows the seed of great rapport, and thereby imparting great sales opportunities.

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